HMM HAA – Breathe and Relax, Sleep, Remove Stress

HMM HAA is a free android app with a collection of breathing exercises that will guide you to breathe better and thus live a happier life.

There are moments in life when you feel under the weather, tired to the bones, can’t fall asleep, and just want to snap.

With HMM HAA, we will guide you with our visual and vibration aid through a list of breathing exercises that will help you remove distraction, raise energy, fall asleep, reduce stress, and heighten concentration for a better and happier life.


* How to use:
Step 1: Download the app
Step 2: Select breathing type and background image
Step 3: Select play

That’s it!

* List of our breathing exercises
1. Equal Breath to remove distraction
2. Stimulating Breath to raise vital energy and increase alertness
3. Relaxing Breath, also known as ‘4-7-8 Breathing technique’ for falling asleep and relaxation
4. Tactical Breathing to reduce stress and stay calm
5. Box Breathing for enhanced performance and concentration


* Additional Features
– You can lock the screen so that the screen doesn’t automatically turn off.
– Vibration aid to guide you with the breathing exercise without looking at the phone.


Download HMM HAA and start breathing better with our list of breathing exercises!

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